About The Beast And Me
Originally this story was an au fanfiction (alternative universe) for the Beauty and The Beast, with merely the character’s names, description and background being similar to the known stories. It could be found and read on ff.net and AO3.
Soon as the show took a new turn the writer lost inspiration because retelling a storyline that didn’t seem right was close to impossible.
However thanks to the persuasion skills of some certain readers D.S. Wrights decided to rewrite and edit the story so it could be completely stand for itself, but still be inspired from the core idea: the emotional turned-into-a-beast man whose love for the reasonable, rational book reading girl saves them both in dire circumstances.

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Hieroglyph 1×01 “Pilot” Trailer
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Evan Marks’ smile appreciation

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Happy Birthday @MrMaxBrown, wishing you all the best ;) much love from France.

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30 Days Beauty and the Beast Challenge [29/30] - Day 29: Favorite Evan Quote

1x05 Saturn Returns

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30 day BATB Challenge
Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite Evan Quote   → 1x06 ‘Worth’

I ended up in a bordello.

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#BatBChallenge - DAY 29 - Fav Evan Quote.

Live on the edge, down the hatch”

I couldn’t make the one about easy on the sweet hard on the heart … It broke my heart. I love Evan so much, and I miss him so much ! I don’t think I’ll even get over him.

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